We are a “different” kind of cannabis cultivator. In today’s world of growing big and fast we are pushing back on this trend. Our focus is on one thing; that one thing is quality. The 710 Farms cultivation is a craft; we produce small batches of hand trimmed cannabis. We are OBSESSED with producing the highest quality, most consistent cannabis on the market; so much so that if it doesn’t meet our standards we won’t sell it. 710 Farms’ stringent cultivation techniques take every single aspect of the process into consideration; from strain selection to the distributors we partner with. Our products are sold through invitation only; by 710 Farm’s approved distributors. We want to ensure that our products are sold with the same care and quality that they were cultivated with.

Our Roots

710 Farms was born on the site of a former cock-fighting ring; yes you read that right. Situated in the heart of the farmland in Oklahoma in the early 80’s, cockfighting was legal in the state of Oklahoma. The site had a long history in the local area. There was a bingo hall by the side of the facility and a cockfighting ring on the other. In the late 80’s cockfighting was made illegal and the site was closed down. It was sat vacant until it was purchased and renovated by 710 Farms. It makes for the perfect site which embodies the attitude, fight and commitment we have for the quality of our cannabis.